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A Bunch of Guys

Portland Pic ABOGWere there no Camp Calumet, there’d be no A Bunch of Guys. At Calumet, the Lutheran Outdoor Ministry of the New England Synod, people sing as a way of building and strengthening community. We sing in thanks to God for blessings. We sing prayers of hope and humility. We sing in celebration of joys. We sing out for justice and peace and freedom.

Dave Piper and Knute Ogren, two who have led that music culture now and again at Calumet, conceived the idea of  A Bunch of Guys way back in 2002. The idea: Lets gather some friends to sing together and we’ll try to raise money for the Lutheran World Hunger Program. That was the impetus for “Take a Breath.” Two years later, a Christmas CD called “Enough” was released.  And after two more years, a third CD was released — this time in support of Calumet. It was called “Dig It!” The cast of characters changes a little bit with each new project, but it’s still just A Bunch of Guys. And over the years, the friends have raised more than $250,000 for charitable causes.
“Make This Land a Better Land” is the newest project of A Bunch of Guys. Learn more on our Facebook page by clicking FACEBOOK.
The musical crew for this one: Dave Piper, Gary Anderson, Greg Woodsbie, Johnny Christianson, and Knute Ogren. The initial conversation about this project began on January 22rd during Dave and Knute’s third glass of (root?) beer. A quick follow-up phone call took place on Monday.
Dave: "Knute. I was serious. Were you serious?"
Knute: "I was totally serious. What should we do now?"
Emails and text messages to Gary, Johnny, and Greg began flying back and forth on Tuesday to figure out details, gauge interest, and dream up possibilities. The friends joined up and recorded most of the tracks of “Make This Land a Better Land” on February 18-20, 2017 in Pomfret Center, CT.
Left to right: Dave Piper, Gary Anderson, Greg Woodsbie, Johnny Christianson, and Knute Ogren
A big word of thanks to:
Photographer and videographer Rob Waterman at www.robwaterman.com. A wedding photographer, he gladly jumped at the chance to help get the promotional materials together. Rob is a gifted artist, excellent listener, and quick worker. Thanks, Rob! Check out the PROMO VIDEO!
The Graphics genius Becca Caterson quickly responded with a big "YES!" when we reached out to her for help in the design of the CD. She is so good and knows her stuff -- soup to nuts -- about all things design. Thanks, Becca!
Our website hero is Mark Huber, pastor at Sanctuary, Marshfield, MA -- a great community that exists to Create (sacred space) Connect (to God) and Respond (together). If you don't know Mark and haven't experienced his "Let's do it!" spirit, you've been missing out. Thanks, Mark!
Our ministry partner, Immanuel Lutheran in Amherst, Massachusetts! Pastor Steven Wilco and Immanuel's leaders quickly determined this was well within the congregation's mission. Immanuel is a congregation which is fiercely committed to justice, hospitality, and excellent stewardship of God's creation. 
The project's underwriters thus far are: Steve & Myra Johnson, Richard & Nancy Grove, Mike & Nancy Balinskas, Matt & Jody Wilhelm, Paul & Joyce Christianson, Stephen & Karen Strand, Sarah Groleau & Gordy Willey, Friends at Trinity Lutheran in Chelmsford, Knute Ogren, and Dave Piper. And we need YOU, too! You can help with the underwriting of "Make This Land a Better Land" so that every single penny given in exchange for the CD will go directly to the charitable beneficiaries.